Zombies, Run! App Review

zombies run app review
4/4 Mobs Evaded…JUST sayin’.

Let me start by saying I’ve had this app on my phone for over a year and I have used it maybe twice – mainly because I didn’t exactly understand how to use it, and the two times I did use it, the zombies “caught” me and I quickly got frustrated. I’ve been doing some more interval training lately so I decided to give it another shot (plus, since The Walking Dead came back it reminded me that I should probably practice if I’m serious about prepping for the apocalypse). That being said, here is my official Zombies, Run! app review.

The app is priced at $3.99 right now, but I believe the price has fluctuated because I think it was closer to $7.99 when I purchased it a few years ago.

I started by making a Zombie Playlist from the songs that are stored in my phone, which are not many because I also have an iPod that keeps most of my music. I put some Sum 41, Smashmouth and Linkin Park (good zombie running songs). I didn’t realize the first time I used this app that you HAVE to create a playlist in order for your music to play in the app, so it was pulling “purchased songs” which ended up just being one or two Tom Lehrer albums which are not conducive at all to running, especially from zombies. Another reason I didn’t use the app more often.

Once I had my playlist all set and my Zombie Apocalypse Running Team shirt on (a gift from Deanna), I was ready to hit the streets. I decided to do a quick ~2 mile loop to ease myself back into it.

Before you begin running, you determine which “Season” you want to do. You get one season for free, and the following 2 seasons are currently each retailing for $7.99. In Season 1, there are 23 different missions, starting with the introduction of Abel Township. People talk to you and explain what’s going on, and if you’ve synced the app to a playlist, it will play your music in between instructions.

A few times during your run, you will get little beeping alerts over your music that say that zombies are approaching, and will give you 50, 25 and 10 meter warnings. I still haven’t completely mastered the art of evading them; I’m not sure if it’s more effective to change your direction or just begin sprinting, but generally I just start hauling ass (making it great for interval training). The last run I did with the app, I avoided all the zombie mobs so I must be getting faster! Once you’ve outrun a horde, you can go back to jogging or if you’re like me, you’re probably in excruciating lung pain and need to walk for a few minutes. The app may go back to playing music or give you further instructions.

Along the way, you collect supplies like food, water, sports bras, shoes (or “trainers”). I’m not quite sure what to do with them yet or if they’re just weighing me down. It looks like there are quite a few components to this game, including syncing your runs to your ZombieLink account. I suppose there might be a way to interact with other people in the game but I haven’t figured it out yet. I will keep you all posted!

In the meantime, you’re welcome to check out my progress on my ZombieLink account or keep an eye on our Twitter account. Having used quite a few fitness apps including MapMyRun, RunKeeper, FitBit, MyFitnessPal, etc….I can honestly say that Zombies, Run! has done a fantastic job at meeting a demand. Runners who love zombies may be a niche group, but between the solid GPS tracker, ability to integrate your music and customize your experience and creepy zombie moans and grinding teeth in your ear, you will NOT be disappointed with this app.

zombies run app review
I thought that building might make a nice zombie hideout

Editor’s Note: I just did another run with this app and accidentally “disabled chases,” meaning there were no zombie hordes. While I didn’t realize it until the end of my run and was a little bummed, it’s nice to know that you can still use the app if you just feel like going for a little jog. 

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