Run It Out (Songs from Deanna’s Running Playlist)

Every time someone looks at my running playlist they give me a weird look. And I don’t blame them. That sh*t is RANDOM. My musical tastes resemble those of a squirrel with attention deficit disorder, and when I’m running, I like to get a little bit of everything in there. Dubstep? You betcha. 90s hip hop? All day. “Newsies” soundtrack? Duh – DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME?

While I recognize that not everyone will like every song on my playlist, I can guarantee that there’s something for everyone. Here are some of my favorites (click on the song title if you want to download from iTunes):

Shoop – Salt N Pepa

Sometimes I rap when I run. And the lyrics to this are just priceless. “CanΒ I get some fries with that shake shake booty?”



Don’t Stop Believing – GLEE Cast

Am I horrible for saying that I think this version better than the original? Whatever, I’m horrible. This version is better. #gleek



Danza Kuduro – Don Omar ft. Lucenzo

In my fantasy life, I am a very accomplished salsa dancer, and this is SO my jam.



Happy – C2C

I don’t care how many miles I’m at or how tired I am, I can’t not smile when I listen to this.



What about you guys? Is your playlist as random as mine? What are some of your favorite running tunes?

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