Race Review: Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (ROC) 5k

Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge Review

Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge - Shirt

If there’s one race we knew we had to add to the Do Epic Runs roster, it was the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (“ROC”) in Del Mar. Unfortunately due to injury (poor Deanna), I had to represent for DER and Race Mom took her place. I must add that he was very excited because we both LOVE Wipeout – we even have the Wii game.

Packet pickup was really easy. We headed down to San Diego on Friday afternoon and went to Roadrunner Sports. They gave us free Dr. Bronners soap – which I love – a t-shirt and shoe timing chip. If you’ve been running a lot of races lately, you know that a lot of them are switching to the combo bib and timer, which I am not a fan of. They’re heavy and can tear holes in your shirt if it’s a light material, plus it’s just unnecessary extra weight.

Saturday morning the alarm went off at 5:45, which is a surprisingly nice time given that we were running in the very first heat at 8:00am. My mom got up and made a pot of coffee (awww) and I threw on my clothes and grabbed two bananas and a Pure Protein bar.

We chugged our coffee as we headed over to be delighted with relatively painless parking. It’s the little things, really. We put on our bibs and chips and went to check out the pre-race festivities. Race Mom was very happy to see that Southern Comfort was there with free tchotchkes, because he needed a headband to wear with the GoPro.

Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge - Pre-Race

We ate our PowerBar Energy Blasts, went to the bathroom (no porta-potties!) and got in line. My brother told me that when he did this race last year, some of the obstacles got really bottlenecked so I was happy to see that they started releasing runners in smaller chunks; approximately 75 at a time.

Our first big obstacle was “40 Bounces to Freedom” – a set of VERY bouncy trampolines, and the trick was to bounce high enough that you’d make it up onto the next ledge. We got to slide down a fire pole and continue running. WAY FUN.

My left ankle has been bothering me since the Safari Park Half Marathon, and my only broken bone was when I broke my foot in eighth grade on an inflatable obstacle course, so I figured I should take it kind of easy. Race Mom was on a tight schedule though, so I had to really push through.

There were a couple of okay obstacles, like monkey bars and hurdles and tires (the “Tire Mile”), but the best obstacles came at the end. The World’s Largest Inflatable Slide that drove you through the finish line – that’s what I call EPIC.

Pros of the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge:

  • Easy and painless packet pickup.
  • Good for first-timers (if it’s your first obstacle race, this is a great one to start with).
  • 40 Bounces to Freedom, the World’s Largest Moon Bounce, then the Wrecking Balls and the World’s Largest Inflatable Slide.
  • Dr. Bronners Foam Experience – a huge glass box where you got completely blasted with foam, up to your eyeballs, and then a warm shower washed you off.
  • No bottlenecking on most of the obstacles.

Cons of the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge:

  • Some of the obstacles seemed a little thrown together, like the concrete hurdles and some of the dirt mounds.
  • If you’re a seasoned obstacle racer and have done events like Spartan Race or Warrior Dash, that’s not what you’ll get with the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge. It’s definitely just for silliness and fun and to introduce a friend or family member to the world of obstacle racing.

Summary of the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge – It’s a great race for first-timers and/or if you just want to be silly and have a good time!

Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge - Before/After

It wouldn’t be a true DER post without talking about the food I ate post-race…a delicious crab burrito and Corona Light from Fidel’s in Solana Beach – YUM.

Ridiculous Obstacle Race - Crab Burrito

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