Race Review: The Slime Run 5k

the slime run 5k

One of the most interesting things about being an epic runner is to be able to see races of all stages. A race in its infancy is a completely different experience than a mega-production (say, The Color Run or The Electric Run). Once we’re all rich, we’d love to put on Epic Runs so it’s important that we study races of all sizes and production levels to find both the good (and the not-so-good) and file these thoughts away into our mental “future plans” bank. The Slime Run 5k is a race in its infancy. On the surface (the website, Facebook page, logo, photos, etc.) the Slime Run 5k paints the picture that by participating, you will be able to fulfill the childhood dream we all have of getting slimed on a Nickelodeon TV show. Not only will you have slime poured upon you like you were a loser winner on Figure It Out, you will get to bounce along fun, inflatable obstacles throughout the course. Check out the Slime Run 5k promo video below: After watching the video, checking out the photos on the website and Facebook page (with 100,000+ fans, which is a solid amount for a race this new), Deanna and I were excited for our first race day in a while! We headed to Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore (a good 1.5 hour drive for us from Santa Monica), stopped at Walgreens to buy a waterproof camera, paid our $10 for parking and headed into the race. Without further ado…

Pros of The Slime Run 5k:the slime run 5k

  • GREAT concept. When I first heard about this, I was like “THIS IS EVERY 90s KID’S DREAM. WE ARE DOING THIS.” That’s why we signed up a good 6 months ago when the LivingSocial deal was available.
  • $25 registration (albeit with a LivingSocial deal) was a good price for a race of this size and caliber – we don’t feel that we overpaid, like we did with Fustercluck.
  • Family-friendly event. They had a Kids’ Course and the environment was definitely made for all ages.
  • They had cool merchandise for sale – sweatshirts, tank tops, t-shirts, all with the cool Slime Run 5k logo on them. Each runner got a plastic beer stein, headband, medal and “barrel of slime.”

Cons of The Slime Run 5k:

  • The race itself left a lot to be desired. The obstacle/slime to run ratio was way out of proportion; there were periods of a good half mile or so where we were just running through the desert, looking for the next slime zone or obstacle.
  • The “Slime Zones” were not at ALL what we expected. I suppose we were looking for something more like The Color Run where you run through a two sided human wall, all tossing slime on you. Instead, there were two or three 17 year old volunteers with a bucket and spray hose – through the first couple of zones, we barely got slimed at all so for one of the last ones I ran into it and told them to REALLY get me. They delivered.
  • The obstacles came with the classic new race problem: Not enough obstacles for the amount of people running per wave, so everyone’s standing in unbelievably long lines, waiting for their turn on the inflatable slide. We passed on the last line, mainly because we were very hot and thirsty.

Coming from runners who have been doing fun runs for a long time, there is a message we’d like to deliver to all past, present and future race directors: Put the majority of your efforts into the course. The other stuff (merchandise, food trucks, step & repeats, etc.) are great accessories, but the main thing the runners are going to remember is the race itself. Runners are happy with a great course that’s well thought out, a medal and maybe some beer (and water, ALWAYS water). Anything else is gravy. We’d also like to extend our services to The Slime Run – if you need a consultation or race support, please Contact Us. 🙂

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