Race Review: Firefly Run

Race Review: Firefly Run

On Friday night, the ladies of DoEpicRuns.com plus our friend Laura and Mr. Matt headed down to the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA for the Firefly Run. We had gotten a cheap registration on Zozi a few months ago – and you know how we love to save money on races! I personally am a huge fan of night running and since I had to miss the Electric Run due to work obligations (blah) I was super stoked to get to experience the whole rave-for-runners deal.

Race Review: Firefly Run

Getting There

Unfortunately, we had to travel on the 405S. On a Friday. At rush hour. For those of you who can’t relate to the apocalyptic traffic here in Los Angeles, just imagine what hell must be like and you’ll get the gist. But, since we are all awesome, we had fun in the car (it’s hard to be moody when you are wearing as much neon as we all were) and made it down in less than 2 hours and with plenty of time to spare.

When we got there, I was pleasantly surprised with how on point everything was. Parking was a breeze (not to mention free), bib/gift bag pickup was super-organized and there was plenty of porta-potties (they were even clean – hallelujah!)



We had tweeted that we were going to be giving away free stuff at the run, and Firefly was nice enough to retweet to their followers. I don’t know how many people saw it, but we WERE holding a sign that said “Free Stuff” so lots of people came up to talk to us. We talked to them about DoEpicRuns.com, posed for some pictures and handed out all sorts of fun race accessories (think glow sticks and feather boas).

 Race Review: Firefly Run

The Course

The course took us in and around the Home Depot center (home of the LA Galaxy). It was really cool being able to run around the field where the team plays. There were parts of the stadium that were narrow and held up traffic a bit, but other than that it was fun. There were a lot of picnic tables in the stadium, and the guy next to me starting flipping over them parkour style. It was epic! After running around the stadium, the course looped around a track and then out around the perimeter.

I usually wear headphones when I run but opted out for this one. There was plenty of music along the course, not to mention all sorts of crazy people in costumes to stare at. This was my first race back after my knee injury, and I was so excited that I was running at a good pace I decided to push myself a bit and go faster than normal. I figured if I was feeling good, I had better run with it (HA! See what I did there?!). I finished feeling great and with an awesome time to boot.


The Finish Line

The finish line was AWESOME. They had a DJ spinning EDM (he even gave DoEpicRuns.com a shout out on the mic!) and we had ourselves a little dance party. Also, they had this kick ass light wall that changed with the music. Not only was it awesome to look at, but it gave us what could easily be considered the best photos EVER.

 Race Review: Firefly Run

Rave Review: Firefly Run

We also shot video (thanks Matt!) -Check out our footage (and our sweet dance moves):


We had an absolute blast – how about you? Did any of you run with us last Friday? If not, find a Firefly Run in your city here.

2 thoughts on “Race Review: Firefly Run”

  1. Hi, Epic Girls! Great review and video. Looks like a blast. I’m so glad everyone is recovered from injuries and running again. Love you!

    1. Thanks Diana! We’re all feeling great and ready to start our marathon training. Thanks for supporting us! 🙂

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