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Loud music + bright flashing lights + glow in the dark stuff + nighttime + running = the Electric Run!

Erin, my friend Laura and I did the Electric Run 5k in Orange County at the The OC Fair and Event Center in November 2012. It was pretty organized for the inaugural event with thousands of people (10,000+ in fact) in attendance. This was definitely a fun run/walk – there weren’t a lot (if any) people seriously running for time (they didn’t even have timing chips). We were taking it easy anyway – Erin and I had the stomach flu that week, but we decided to go ahead and do the 5k because we had been looking forward to it. It was actually really rainy that day so the course was very muddy, so I don’t think we could’ve run at our usual lightning speed anyway (JK).

Electric RunWe were able to pick up our packets easily (don’t believe the $5 fee for picking up on race day), parked close to the entrance and had fun taking a bunch of ridiculous pictures with the cool stuff that was set up around the starting line. We got some glow in the dark bracelets and a cute t-shirt in our packets and bought some crazy Kanye glasses for $5 (you couldn’t see out of them… purely for show!) One con about this race is that we had to wait in a HUGE line for the bathroom – there are always long bathroom lines for races, but it seemed like they would’ve had more for that many people.

My favorite part of the Electric Run was definitely the course. They did an awesome job of decorating with all kinds of bright neon stuff hanging from the trees, big arches to run through and had huge speakers playing house/techno throughout the course. It was probably the coolest 5k course I’ve ever run. They had tons of booths and food trucks at the finish line and a really good DJ. Thousands of people stayed for his set and they even had another after party at another club.

Electric RunWe didn’t have face paint, but if I did another Electric Run I’d get some of this Mehron Glow in the Dark paint and paint some thing awesome on my face and arms. Lots of people went all out with crazy hats and costumes.

Overall, the Electric Run was a really fun experience and would be a great first 5k for someone or for a big group of people. It was cool to see so many people and families out for a 5k on a Friday night 🙂

Have you done the Electric Run before? Click here to sign up for the next one in your city!

2 thoughts on “Race Review: Electric Run”

  1. Hi!
    Here’s my dilema the firefly run and the electric run is just one day apart. I can only do one race. They are located at the same place, so location does not matter. I want to know which run is more enjoyable. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hello Kate! While both races are really fun, I would choose the Electric Run. The decorations and lights on the course are really cool and different from any other race I’ve done. It’s well organized and the after party is a blast. Let us know how you like it!

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