Our Top 5 Running Snacks


I’m sure you’ve heard many opinions of what the best thing to eat is before a run. Protein or carbs? Sugar or no sugar? Everyone is different, so it’s necessary to try different combinations to figure out what works for you. I’m a vegetarian because that’s what makes me feel best, I’ve discovered. My top 5 running snacks usually consist of whole wheat carbs and veggies.

Whatever you do decide for a pre-run snack, it should keep you full, but not too full. For a medium 4-7 mile run, here are our top 5 running snacks for good energy (eat about an hour or hour and a half before you go):

1) Toast with Almond Butter– Some carbs + a bit of fat and protein = perfect running snack!

Top 5 Running Snacks

2) Avo-bagel/Avo-toastErin and I created this favorite (well, we created the name). It’s exactly what it sounds
like – 1/2 of a fresh avocado with a little salt and pepper on either a bagel, toast, or whatever your heart desires
(avo-tilla, avo-pretzel… the possibilities are endless. Try it.)

3) Oatmeal smoothie with Greek yogurt – I LOVE SMOOTHIES. One of my favorite combos is one container of strawberry Greek Yogurt, frozen berries, 2 spoonfuls of plain oatmeal, a little almond milk and a few pieces of ice. Blend it all up and you’re good to go. Or, try a banana and peanut butter version.

4) Whole wheat tortilla with hummus and veggies – I like to spread hummus on a tortilla and fill it with peppers, carrots, cucumbers and pretty much any other veggie I have in my fridge. It’s light and just the right amount to not make me too full. This would also be good with some turkey added.

5) String cheese, whole wheat crackers and an apple – This is my go to if I’m in a hurry – easy to grab on the way out.

What do you like to eat for a pre-run snack?


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