Marathon Training: July 22

T-minus 68 days until the Half Moon Bay International Marathon… and believe me, we are counting… and SO EXCITED.Marathon Training

Race Registration? CHECK. Flights to SFO? CHECK. Training? Working on it! We are super stoked for Half Moon Bay and have kicked marathon training into full gear over here at Do Epic Runs. We started off with the Costume Party Half Marathon (counting that as the first long training run). We were prepared, excited and finished with a bang.

Running half marathon distances (and longer) has become our Sunday morning hobby. The next weekend after San Diego, Erin, Deanna and I started our 14.5 mile run through Santa Monica (from Erin’s house in Brentwood to the Venice Boardwalk and back) around 8:15am on a Sunday. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t as prepared as we should have been. I was sure to drink lots of water but didn’t eat enough the day before our run. We saw Scream at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery the night before and surprisingly didn’t eat as much as I thought I would (but was sure to drink a few glasses of wine!)

Our route was beautiful (oh SoCal), but I started to struggle around mile 12.5 and walked the remaining 2 miles. I don’t usually feel as much leg pain as I did during that run, so I’m hoping to be better prepared for this Sunday’s trek (we had to skip last week (July 21) because we were all sick… the dreaded summer cold).  That means lots of running this week gearing up for our 17 miler on Sunday.

I asked DER: What’s something you’re going to do differently for future training runs?

Erin: Don’t bring Black Cherry Shot Bloks. (We tried to eat them at the halfway point and couldn’t. So gross. The other flavors are okay though).

Deanna: Changing up the scenery. We ran to Venice and then went back the same way. Next time, we’ll do a loop so we’re always looking at something different.

Lauren: I’m going to be sure to load up on healthy fats and carbs this week so I have plenty of energy. I’m planning to run 3-4 miles a day and resting one day before Sunday. Also, I want to start earlier (around 6am) so it’s not as hot.

We’ll let you know how it goes!

Have you trained or are you currently training for a marathon? How did it go? Any tricks or tips you can share?

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