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The past few months in the epic life of Deanna have been hectic, to say the least. My new promotion has had me on the road pretty much constantly – since July, I have been to Vegas three times, Arizona twice, Hawaii, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara (in fact, I’m writing this from a hotel room). We have a lot of exciting things happening at – we are sponsors of the inaugural Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot, are doing a monthly column for Obstacle Racer Magazine and have a bunch of cool stuff in the pipeline for you guys.We have the Half Moon Bay International Marathon in a little over a week (!!). And, oh yea, I am still trying to maintain some semblance of a social life.


::deep breath::

To be honest, its a little overwhelming. I have every hour of my day meticulously scheduled so I know where I need to be (seriously – you should see my calendar. It looks like someone threw up on it.) And I know I’m not the only one – pretty much everyone I know is trying to balance a busy life. So how do we find time to run when life gets crazy?


Put It On Your Calendar

I could not live without my calendar. Without it, I would have zero clue as to what city I need to be in, let alone what specific place in that city. My calendar keeps me on point and gets me to where I need to be – including outside for runs.

Yes, I literally schedule my runs on my calendar. While this may put me in the crazy type-A personality zone (exhibit A – Monica Geller), I frankly don’t care. It’s so easy to get caught up in what I’m working on that I will literally forget to run. Sometime it takes that reminder on my phone to tear me away from my email and get me to lace up my shoes.

I use Outlook, but there are a ton of calendar apps you can install on your phone. Fantastical is a great option if you have an iPhone, and if you’re an Android person, I hear good things about aCalendar.


Schedule Runs With Friends

While I love running by myself, I also love running with my friends. Scheduling runs with them (especially longer runs) holds me accountable to actually do them. Its also quality time with my besties – our schedules are all so busy, its a great way to socialize and get in our workout (plus, we usually eat copious amounts of food afterwards, which certainly doesn’t suck).


Be Realistic

My new job is not your normal desk job – I’m traveling a lot and the hours are kind of weird. So I have to schedule my runs accordingly. For example, I will be in Arizona for the majority of next week. And in Arizona, it. is. HOT. Like, stupid hot. So as much as I would like to get  a long run in before the marathon next weekend, its just not realistic for me to try to go on a 13 miler in the 110 degree weather (even if it was realistic, I wouldn’t do it, because that just sounds terrible). But I also don’t want to miss out completely, so I booked myself in a hotel with a nice gym, so I can do some interval runs on the treadmill.

Be realistic with your running schedule and make it work with your circumstances, not against them.


Make Running a Priority




When we are busy, it’s easy to put running on the back burner. It’s easy to say “I’m so busy, I just don’t have time“. Guess what – It’s also easy to be lazy. It’s much harder to find a way to make it work.  But when you make running a priority, you WILL find a way.

For me, running is one of the only things in my life that I do completely for myself. And if I don’t make that a priority, what I’m really saying is that I am not a priority. And that’s just unacceptable. No matter how busy I am, I need to make the time to take care of myself. Because if I don’t, no one else will.


So that’s how I’ve been finding time to run. How about you? How do you find time for running in your crazy, busy life?


One thought on “Finding Time To Run”

  1. This is inspiring, Deanna! Just what I needed to read today after trying to heal from a back and hip problem that was very likely caused by NOT taking care of myself. So thanks to you girls, I’m suiting up and going off to the gym (when I would waaayyyy rather hang out and watch Season 5 of Breaking Bad (don’t tell me how it ends).
    Love your site and love you!

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