Featured Epic Runner: Kira D.

BREAKING NEWS: The three of us haven’t been running our whole lives. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and while every runner takes that step at a different place, a different time, different weather conditions, and in a different shoe, we all end up crossing the same finish line. This is what makes running (and runners) such amazing people.

I met Kira when I took Matt to Vegas for a Tenacious D concert in 2012. Kira and her husband Bill were standing right in front of us during the concert and we started chatting. After the concert shut down early due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, we went out into the casino and exchanged Facebook information. We’ve kept in touch ever since, and we even reunited at the Las Vegas Zombie Run in October 2013.

I asked Kira if she’d be our first Featured Epic Runner and she graciously obliged. If you’d like to be a Featured Epic Runner, please contact us HERE!

How did you get into running?Epic Runner Kira

I have never really been “into” running. I was the jerk in high school that would walk the mile just to drive my gym teacher nuts. That being said, I started running last year (2013) to get back into shape. After my son was born in 2011, I had stopped working out for 2 years and was extremely mad at myself. Running has become my way to get the anger at myself out, but also it has become my me time.

Tell us about the first race you ever ran.

My first race was the Zombie 5k back in Oct. 2013! I ran with my husband, and the ladies of DoEpicRuns.com….and Matt.

My husband and I love The Walking Dead and knew of the popularity of zombie runs. We both jokingly said that if a zombie run came up in Vegas, we would do it. Cut to 3 months later, Erin tells me about the Zombie 5k at Sunset Park.

We, after much negotiation, paid for the run and knew there was no backing out. We had an absolute blast and made 2 realizations. 1) We had a long way to go before we could look half way competent running and 2) We wanted to do more runs.

What struggles have you encountered during your training?

My biggest fight has been my schedule. I’m a mom, wife, student and I work graveyard shift on the weekends. Getting myself in gear to go run, or to do at minimum, a 30 minute at home workout is a challenge.

During the week, it is a little easier because I have a “normal” sleep schedule, and my oldest is at school. It is a matter of getting my 2 year old in his stroller and heading out the door.

On the weekends, I’m exhausted from working over night and am trying to just function during the day and take care of my kids. Saturday and Sunday have become my off/rest days.

What is your ultimate goal distance, and why?

My ultimate goal has nothing to do with distance. My ultimate goal is to compete in Tough Mudder. I am aware that it is an extremely difficult race, not only is it physically draining but a mental and emotional game as well. I love challenges and so far, this is the ultimate challenge for me.

What makes you excited about doing epic runs?

I love doing epic runs because they are challenging and so many runs have such a fun factor that I do not want to miss out. [Editor’s Note: She has FOMO just like us.] I am already signed up for my first race of the year, and after I finish these questions, I’m signing up for another race.

These runs are where I get to spend time with other awesome people.

More importantly to me though, I run with my husband. We train separately but we compete together. We challenge each other, we push each other and we support each other.

What other fitness activities do you do outside of running, and why?

My other activities? I chase my kids around! Lol! No, seriously, have you ever tried to do push ups with a 2 year old? My son thinks it is hilarious to sit on my back while I do them, which is fine by me, it is an extra challenge. In addition, I practice my 9 year old’s karate moves with her.

I also look into different courses at my local community center. It’s not expensive and the classes are usually only a month long. I get to try different activities and switch up my routine.

What advice would you give to someone who is nervous about starting running or signing up for their first race?

I almost talked myself out of my first race. I had a million excuses, but I had an awesome message session with Erin and she gave me the best piece of advice; there are going to be people there in worse shape than I am, who are there just to have fun.

Listen, I realized one thing, all the excuses in the world were not going to make me feel any better about myself.

My advice: You deserve better, and the only way you are going to get what you deserve is to DO better.

Any Epic Runs scheduled for 2014?

2014 is going to be EPIC!! So far, I am only registered for the 1st annual Strip Poker Run, presented by Downtown Runners on January 25th.

I am registering for the Color Run which is February 22, and anything else that pops up on my radar that I can manage!!

As soon as the Great Inflatable Race locations are announced I’ll be registering for that and am trying to see if I can manage Foam Fest in either Reno or Phoenix.


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