Can You….Escape the Nightmares? [ENTER TO WIN]

escape the nightmares

Escape the Nightmares 5k

Nighttime. Horror. Obstacle. Scavenger. Race.


Are you kidding? How has this NOT been done, or, more importantly, how have we not been aware of it?

Escape the Nightmares is, in our opinion, a first-of-its-kind fun horror run held at night. According to their website:

Escape The Nightmares is a horror themed running series completed at night with the light from your headlamp to guide your way. You must make your way through both man-made and natural obstacles while avoiding what lurks in the darkness. The difference between ETN and other courses is the story. Not only are you challenging yourself physically, there is a mental obstacle of fear that must be overcome to survive. As you proceed through the course the details to the story will start to unravel adding depth to the “why” you chose to run out into the night. Only at the end will you know where the start truly begins. Will you make it out alive, or will you become one of the missing?

You can bet that as soon as we heard about this race we signed up. YES, it’s in late December, YES, it’s close to Christmas, but Nighttime. Horror. Obstacle. Scavenger. Race. Read this description – Your argument is invalid.

You start the evening at the site of a rundown carnival. There you will meet up with your local search and rescue captains organizing the evening’s groups. Don’t spend too much time at the carnival or your group may leave you behind. Once you have gotten your direction it is up to you to locate the 3 missing persons that vanished from the area. You have a 3 mile grid that needs to be searched. Prior search parties have reported seeing strange things in the area. You are strongly cautioned against making contact with anything or anyone found in the area. From here on out the outcome belongs to you.

Ooooooh, it gives me goosebumps! We’re so excited about this race that we are giving YOU the opportunity to WIN a registration to come run with us! Head over to our Facebook page to enter…good luck!

escape the nightmares

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