Race Review: Costume Party Run Half Marathon

Costume Party Run Race Review

Our friends at Superhero Events have done it again. The Costume Party Run was a success! We had a couple of PRs and a few more epic runners with us so we could fill out our group of Spice Girls:

Costume Party Run Race Review - Girls

Deanna PRd by 2 minutes and Lauren PRd by 9 minutes – they KILLED it! I was 3 minutes behind my Hollywood Half time, but Sporty Spice was very unprepared for this race so I’ll take it. Aiming much higher for the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 1st! Packet pickup was at the same place as it was for the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge and was very easy. All the girls sent me photos of their IDs and I was able to pick up all five packets with no hassle. I came back and met them all: Deanna (Posh), Lauren (Ginger), JuliAnn (Baby) and Lauren’s friend Jenny (Scary). They unpacked and we set up sleeping areas while we chatted, all very anxious to get to Borrelli’s for our Early Bird Special. We made a quick stop at Party City for essentials to finish off our costumes before heading to dinner.

AS IF WE COULDN’T LOVE BORRELLI’S MORE: Jenny is gluten-free, so not only was she excited to find out that they served gluten-free pasta and pizza, the waiters even unexpectedly brought her some gluten-free garlic bread! We chowed down on spaghetti, ravioli, cheesy bread, salad, and more garlic bread; giving Deanna not just a food baby, but turning her into the “food octo-mom.”

Costume Party Run Race Review - Borrelli's
THANKS BORRELLI’S! We love you 🙂

After dinner we stopped at the grocery store for last minute energy drinks and some ice cream for dessert. We got settled in at home and watched Spice World (duh) while reflecting on how shitty that movie actually is. Crawled into bed at a decent hour and set our alarms for 3:50 am when we got up, spiced up our lives and headed out at 4:30 am.

Costume Party Run Race Review - ENERGYbits
Note: We were given samples of ENERGYbits to try and review, if we wanted to. All opinions are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

Arrived (FREE PARKING) and did all of our pre-race duties: Bathroom, energy drinks, pictures, and this time I tried something new that a company called ENERGYbits generously sent us to try (I know, I know, I normally don’t like to try new things on race day, but considering how unprepared I was for this one I figured an extra energy boost couldn’t hurt!). The small tabs are made from spirulina algae, which has been endorsed by the U.N. as one of the most nutritious foods on earth and is used by Olympic athletes. Now I am far from an Olympian, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about algae and was excited to try them out. I was told to “push myself” to really feel them work.

While I didn’t PR, I did notice that I didn’t feel the hunger pangs at mile 9 or 10 like I normally do; I felt very fueled and didn’t need to take any of my PowerBar Energy Blasts at all during the race. In fact, from the waist up I felt great. It was the waist down that was giving me problems. My quads were on fire and I actually had to take one of my shoes off at mile 9 to make sure I didn’t have a broken toe (I didn’t).

I hobbled in last and was greeted with photos and cheers. I am SO proud of all the Spice Girls…they all did such a great job, not to mention Deanna ran 13.1 miles in a cocktail dress and Jenny ran 13.1 miles in an afro wig. THAT is called dedication to being epic.

Pros of the Costume Party Run:

  • Very organized – Packet pickup and parking were easy.
  • Fun theme! Running 13.1 miles can get a little boring, so having runners in cool and funny costumes made it fly by.
  • GREAT medal! Biggest one we’ll probably ever see at a race.
  • The course was mostly flat with some mild hills, so it’s good for a first time half (or when you’re unprepared).

Cons of the Costume Party Run:

  • We were a little disappointed that there wasn’t more creativity with costuming. Lots of repeat costumes (think superheros). The guy with the rickshaw was our favorite!
  • I’m putting the course on both lists because it was pretty boring. There wasn’t much to look at, unlike the Safari Park Half. (Not to mention about 6 loops around Qualcomm…which they are changing next year.)
  • No checkpoint mats – we saw a lot of people cutting corners, y’know? (Adding them for 2014.)
  • The $100 registration fee kind of breaks the bank. We managed to snag a discount code but it was still a nice chunk of money.

All in all, we give the Costume Party Run an EPIC thumbs up. Organized, free parking, live music along the course, a fun theme and of course…a RIDICULOUS MEDAL (which will be even BIGGER next year!):

Costume Party Run Race Review - Medal


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