90 Day Body Overhaul

I am relatively happy with my body and my level of fitness. I would say I’m healthy 70% of the time. I spend the other 30% of the time eating copious amounts of pizza and vegging on my couch watching “Breaking Bad“. And I’m ok with that – I think that moderation is key to living a balanced life.

But in the past month or so since running the Hollywood Half Marathon, I have been pretty lax about my eating/training.  I haven’t been as disciplined as I should be – I’ve been eating out a lot, skipping workouts and just not taking very good care of myself. And MAN am I starting to feel it – I don’t have as much energy during the day, my pants are starting to feel tight, I feel sluggish during my workouts. I’m not sleeping as well as I used to. I am puffy and bloated. I just feel and look “blah”. My body changes really quickly, and I have seen it change in a not so great way the past month.

I know my body isn’t the best it can be right now, and I also know what I need to do to get it to it’s best place. So I thought I would try an experiment for DoEpicRuns.com – how would my body change and react if I took the best care of it that I possibly could for 90 days? Not 70% of the time. But 100% of the time. Will I have an abundance of energy? Will my mile time get faster? Will I finally be able to see the ever elusive ab definition I have so desperately been seeking? Well, we’re about to find out. I am going to do a 90 Day Body Overhaul.


The Starting Point


90 Day Body Overhaul - Day 1

Weight: 128lbs

Upper Waist: 27.5″

Lower Waist: 31″

Left Arm: 11″

Right Arm: 11″

Left Thigh: 21″

Right Thigh: 20″


The Rules




- Kick off with a 3 day juice cleanse (I am doing Juice Crafters)

- Between 1500 – 1700 calories per day

- No “fake foods”

- No eating after 9pm

- Only water or green tea (1 cheat beverage per week)

- 1 cheat meal per week (because hey, no one’s perfect!)




- Run at least 20 miles per week (as my marathon training is starting up, this should be an easy one to keep)

- Yoga once per week

- 2 HIIT workouts per week

- 3 weight training workouts per week

*note: this regimen will be altered during initial juice cleanse


Starting tomorrow, I will follow the above diet and fitness rules to a T for 3 months. I’ll share my progress (complete with pictures!) every week with you guys and we will see, together, how much your body can change – if you TRULY COMMIT TO IT - in 90 days.



  1. Good job Deanna! Im also starting marathon training and pretty much am just where you are in nutrition and wanting to give it 100%, it’ll be nice to check in, see how things go for you too! Stay strong, and be epic!! ;)

  2. JuliAnn says:

    such a champ

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