The Zombie Run Black Ops

the zombie run black ops

Well, emptiness has descended upon us once again with the latest season of The Walking Dead having come and gone. What on EARTH are we going to do with ourselves for the next six months?? I can already feel my Daryl withdrawls setting in…

Besides keeping up with our Zombie Training, we’ll continue to scout the latest and greatest zombie races and share them with you, starting with The Zombie Run Black Ops.

Developed by Human Movement Management, The Zombie Run Black Ops (as part of The Zombie Run) was created when Run For Your Lives (the original Zombie Race) dropped off the face of the planet with absolutely no explanation. Human Movement picked up the pieces as best they could to keep things fair for the pre-registered runners and in our opinion, that is nothing short of epic.

“As soon as I heard the news, I knew we had to do something,” [Jeff Suffolk, president of Human Movement Management] said. “For more than half of the people who are running, it’s their first race. And if we didn’t try to fix this, it would be their last run.”

HMM is responsible for other amazing runs like The 5k Foam Fest and The Ugly Sweater Run 5k; so you KNOW they put on a good event. The Zombie Run is divided into three levels of intensity: The Zombie Run, The Zombie Run Extreme and The Zombie Run Black Ops.


THE ZOMBIE RUN is just your typical hometown 5K. That is, if your hometown is infested with zombies!

Get ready for 3.1 miles of gut-wrenching, blood-pumping, sweat-dripping fear. It will be the most exhilarating 5K of your life, if you survive, of course. The Zombie Run course is designed like a zombie movie set. After the first kilometer, you’ll enter into a military-controlled apocalypse zone–this is where your dash from zombies will begin. The last 2 kilometers are a free-for-all as you charge through chemical spill zones and car crashes, all while attempting to evade the ravenous zombies who are trying to steal your lives! Zombies everywhere!


THE ZOMBIE RUN: EXTREME is a mud-filled, 5K obstacle course through a zombie-infested wasteland. If you thought jogging 3.1 miles through the zombie apocalypse was an adventure, try dodging that army of brain-thirsty undead while scrambling through a series of rugged obstacles as well. Don’t worry though; after the race, the Humans and Zombies set aside their differences to share a cold beer and their best dance moves at the post-apocalypse afterparty. Many enter, few will survive.

There will be 8-10 obstacles on the course. How hard are the obstacles? You have to try them for yourself to answer that question. It is not for your every day person. You will need to train and mentally prepare for some of these obstacles. It’s a total team effort on the course. Your ‘friends’ or fellow Humans will help you climb over walls, evade groups of zombies, crawl through tunnels, and conquer our surprise obstacles. Yes, you can do this!


THE ZOMBIE RUN: BLACK OPS is an awesomely terrifying nighttime obstacle course through 3.1 miles of fire, obstacles, smoke, mazes and zombie-infested darkness. When the sun sets on what may be humanity’s last day on earth, the few remaining survivors must leave the safety of their camp in an attempt to reach food, shelter and supplies. Cloaked in the darkness ahead of them lies 3.1 miles of unfamiliar terrain, hoards of ravenous zombies, 8-10 harrowing obstacles, and countless other hidden surprises. The only thing keeping these brave souls from abandoning all hope is the promise of safety and an after party to end all after parties at the end of their nightmarish journey… Welcome to THE ZOMBIE RUN: BLACK OPS

Can YOU survive the night?


So ladies and gentlemen, grab your crossbow, your cajones and your puddin‘….it’s zombie time. You’ll likely find us at the Temecula race in November, but click here to see if The Zombie Run is coming to a city near you.

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