8 Ways to Save Money on Race Registration

8 Ways to Save Money on Race Registration

Races are expensive. If you’re like the 3 of us, you have no life and this is your sole form of entertainment, so instead of drinking away your extra income you’re doing epic runs on the regular. HOWEVER…you should NEVER pay full price for a race.

How to save money on race registration:

Ways to save money on race registration - Volunteer
Deanna volunteering at 5K Foam Fest
  1. Use group buying sites. This should be obvious, but make sure you select “Activities”, “Adventures”, “Fitness”, or “Events” when choosing the categories you want to receive deals from. And there’s not just Groupon! Try LivingSocial, Bloomspot, DealFind or one of my new favorites, Zozi
  2. Sign up for running email clubs. Try Active.com, Blood, Sweat & Cheers or Gemini Timing. Not only will they send you deals and coupon codes, but you can also find out about cool new races in your area.
  3. Sign up for next years race at the event (or very shortly after). Deanna and I did this for Spartan Race and we got 40% off our registration! With larger races like half marathons, you may get an email post-race encouraging you to sign up for the lowest price of the year. If it’s something you’re planning on doing annually, it’s a great time to save money. 
  4. Sign up last minute. Most race signups have prices that start low and increase by $5-10 each month leading up to the race. However, when it gets close to race day, they may be offering last-minute deals to fill up empty spots.
  5. Check coupon sites. Often times you can find specific coupon codes for your race that you can apply at checkout.
  6. Volunteer! Most races will give you a free entry if you offer to help out for a few hours. Deanna and I did this at the 5K Foam Fest and it was really easy and fun.
  7. Sign up as a team. Some races give you the option for reduced entry fee if you sign up with a group of 4 or more people.
  8. Go social. “Like” the run on Facebook and check their tabs. Often times they’ll give discounts if you’re a fan of their Facebook page.

So the next time you see a race you want to do, remember these tips to save money on registration! That way, you can do MORE epic runs for less.

Did I miss anything? How are you going to save money on your next epic run?

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