Race Review: Hot Chocolate Run

On March 24, 2013 the ladies of DoEpicRuns.com participated in the Hot Chocolate Run 15k (also known as America’s Sweetest Race!) in San Diego, CA. As you are well aware, we never turn down the opportunity for free food (…or food of any sort, for that matter), so we were particularly stoked for this event. We had an absolutely blast at this race and wanted to give you a rundown on the good, the bad and the chocolate.


Race Review: Hot Chocolate Run

The Good


The Expo


Race Review: Hot Chocolate Run

The Expo for this race was absolutely AWESOME. Bib pickup was super organized and easy, which we ALWAYS appreciate. There were a ton of vendors handing out free samples – our personal favorites were Biscoff Cookie Butter (seriously, this stuff is ridiculous. You don’t even need to put it on anything; just grab a spoon and go to town) and the ever reliable and delicious Clif Bars.

They also had a lot of running gear available for purchase – plenty of running shoes and these great headbands that Deanna picked up. [insert headband pictures].


The Shirt

Most race t-shirts are a little but flimsy and extremely ill fitting (maybe not for dudes, but definitely for us ladies). But kudos to the Hot Chocolate Run for stepping up their game – we got these AWESOME sweatshirts, and they fit super cute!


The Course

 Race Review: Hot Chocolate Run

The course in downtown San Diego took us around Balboa Park through a bunch of really pretty neighborhoods. And there was TONS of spectators cheering us all on – its so amazing as a runner to feel the support from the community. Our personal favorite was a woman with a sign that said “Hey Stranger – you’re amazing! Keep on going!” We really felt the love – in the words of Ron Burgundy, stay classy San Diego!

The Finish Line

[insert picture of chocolate basket]

The goodies we got at the finish line were all sorts of awesome. Besides the standard bagel/banana/water that you get at the finish line of every race, the Hot Chocolate Run had mugs full of (you guessed it!) hot chocolate, Rice Krispies Treats and cookies. Since Deanna doesn’t like chocolate (side note: Deanna is weird), it just meant more for Lauren and Erin! Double win.

The Bad


The Course

Yes, the course was also one of the highlights of the course, but…. MAN, was it tough. Hills, hills and more hills. Seriously – just look at this elevation map:

Race Review: Hot Chocolate Run

Some runners love hills because they are challenging. We are not those types of runners. By the end of the race, our legs were burning and we never wanted to set sight on any sort of incline again.

Despite the insane amount of hills, we all LOVED competing in the Hot Chocolate Run 15k and will definitely be registering for next year. We are also super stoked because they recently announced the FROZEN Chocolate 10k/5k in our hometown of Los Angeles, CA! Taking place on September 21, 2013, the Frozen Chocolate Run takes place in Downtown Los Angeles. And, being that it is constantly 73 degrees and sunny here in Los Angeles (it’s not bragging if it’s true), the Frozen theme is definitely more appropriate.

Have any of you ran a Hot Chocolate Run? And who will be running with us in the Frozen Chocolate Run in September?

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