Race Review: Fustercluck 5K

FustercluckLove dressing up in crazy hillbilly costumes, drinking beer and screaming ‘MERICA at any given moment? Then look no further than Fustercluck to fulfill all of those dreams (with a little bit of running).

Erin and I ventured out to Temecula for the inaugural event, which was described as a “5K obstacle run.” It was beautiful day for a fun run –  even though we had run the Half Moon Bay International Marathon the week before, we were up for a good time and a short run. I wasn’t expecting anything near perfection being that it was the first time this event was happening, but was pleasantly surprised at the amount of people, organization, and fun redneck themed activities.

Parking was $10 (standard), but very close to the starting line. It didn’t take long for us to get registered, get our t-shirts, and get our flags duct taped to our overalls (for the hillbillies to try to steal on the course) as it wasn’t very crowded that early. It was a bit difficult at first to even see where the starting line was – it ended up being a clothesline hung between 2 porta potties (LOL – see below).

Fustercluck Starting Line
Starting Line

We started with about 15-20 other people for the 9am wave (we had signed up for the 10:30 wave but had no problem jumping in to the earlier one). It was very informal – no bibs or timing or anything. I wasn’t sure what to expect as obstacles along the course, but probably a little more than the one big tree branch we climbed over and the muddy creek we trudged through. Unfortunately all of our flags were stolen by crazed hillbillies along the course (along with I think everyone else who went in our wave), which meant that we had to drink our “medals” (a can of Budweiser) in the “penalty coop,” which was a hilarious addition.

By the time we finished, there were a lot more people at the event and there were lots of games in full swing, including horseshoes, cornhole, beer pong, and a belly flop contest. This seemed like much more like a big party than an athletic event, but it didn’t seem like anyone minded.

Overall, Fustercluck was a fun event with lots of potential. There were great details that added to the theme, and everyone working at the event was in full character. I’d like to see more of a challenge for something described as an “obstacle mud run,” but had a great time anyway 🙂 I encouraged anyone looking for a cluckin’ good time to check out Fustercluck when it comes to yer neck of the woods!




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