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What do you miss most about summer as a kid? Well, if you were born in the 80s like us, you probably remember tree forts, trampolines and neighborhood water fights.  While we know where to get muddy and even where to find trampolines mid-race, one thing that’s always been lacking has been the presence of water balloons and Super Soakers.


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The Run Drenched 5k is blasting America with oversized hoses and post-race water balloon fights, making your summer race season just a little cooler. Run Drenched is inspired by Songkran (Thai New Year), which falls in the hottest time of the year in Thailand at the end of the dry season. They celebrate by throwing water on each other for TWO FULL DAYS. Now that’s epic.

Deanna and Lauren both couldn’t make it out to this race, so I recruited one of our other crew members, Madeline (I did my first race EVER with her – Warrior Dash in 2011) and our media manager Matt to power the GoPro.

We purchased and filled 50 small water guns and a dozen water bombs to pass out:

Drenched 5k - Water guns

We saved a few for ourselves and hopped in line. A couple of loops around the Science Center, Rose Gardens and Swim Center and we were done, sliding through a giant slip ‘n slide finish!

Pros of the Drenched 5k:

  • Great theme! We’re always on the lookout for something new, and the Drenched 5k was definitely a class leader. 
  • Fun after party – the finish line was a giant slip n’ slide through foam, there was a big inflatable slide and of course, a HUGE water balloon fight!
  • Easy packet pickup (you know this is important to us).
  • Definitely a race that is fun for the whole family. There were lots of munchkins participating, and getting kids to enjoy being active at an early age is so important. Sometimes all you need to get them excited about running are some squirt guns 🙂
  • The crowd was great; even before the race started strangers were squirting each other with water guns and having a good time! Fun runs like this should be about bonding, not competition. 

(Before the cons list, I am going to say that this is only Drenched’s second year, so for a new race they did a very good job. If they’re reading this, hopefully these suggestions are helpful!)

Cons of the Drenched 5k:

  • Although the email said there would be adult beverages for purchase after the race, we found ourselves beer-less. While I would have been OK not having it…we were taunted. 
Drenched 5k - No beer
Sad times 🙁
  • Each participant was given 25+ water balloons during packet pickup, and in order to be a part of the water balloon fight we had to fill and bring at least 25 balloons each. A slight pain in the ass, but I’m sure as the race grows they can get volunteers to help fill them. 
  • Water balloons are fun, but some people filled real balloons with water that didn’t break upon impact; We got knocked around a little more than expected. 
  • The course itself was pretty lame, aside from running by the Exposition Park Rose Garden. It was a loop we completed twice in downtown L.A. Meh. 
  • For a race called “Drenched,” there wasn’t nearly enough water on the course. There were two foam stations and two “hose” areas, and the finish line was another foam station and giant slip n’ slide. It was hot and I didn’t feel “drenched” during the run, since everyone’s water guns ran out of water in the first 1/4 mile and there was nowhere to refill. 
  • There wasn’t a single drinking water station, which I wasn’t a huge fan of, especially when there are lots of kids. There should have been one at the split after the first loop. 
  • I get that it’s downtown L.A., but I just hate paying for parking. Especially $10. 

That all being said, we make every race EPIC. Check out our video and sign up for a Drenched race in your city!

What do you think? Do you want the Drenched 5k to come to your town?

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