Fustercluck 5k (SQUEEEEE!!!)

“Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit!”

Fustercluck 5k

The Fustercluck 5k is coming to SoCal for a good ol’ fashioned hillbilly race, complete with kidnappin’, watermelon seed spittin’, pie eatin’, live music and more! The first-of-its-kind race is brought to us by the folks at Mad in the USA LLC, and we can guarantee you’re in for a Fustercluckin’ EPIC time down yonder at Vail Lake in Temecula, CA. (If you’re new to the obstacle or mud racing world and you live in Southern California, you’ll get to know Vail Lake VERY well.)

Here is just SOME of what you’ll get to experience at the Fustercluck 5k:

  • Corn Hole
  • Redneck Horseshoes
  • Slip n’ Slides
  • Hillbilly Beer Pong
  • Hubcap Hurling
  • Mud Pit Belly-flop Contest
  • Hay Bale Toss
  • Bobbin’ For Pigs Feet
  • Miss ‘Murrrica Competition
  • Redneckiest Fella In ‘Murrrica Competition

And yes, you heard right. We said kidnappings. By creepy, toothless hillbillies just waiting for you to wander into the kidnapping zone. I don’t know about you, but this is what I’m picturing:

Fustercluck - Hillbilly Kidnapping
Now that’s scary.

Now, we’ve done a LOT of different races with a LOT of different themes, but this is something original that we’re really excited about. We love discovering new themes that we know for a fact will result in a good time. I mean, total redneck race? How could we not be in!?

Fustercluck is filling up fast, so be sure to register ASAP!

If you can’t run, you can also volunteer or be a Hilbilly Hunter HERE.

Be sure to check out their hilarious Facebook page, meme-style.

 Fustercluck 5k

Now that you know you’re going to sign up, get ready for the race with some HILLBILLY GEAR:

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