Featured Race: XTERRA Trail Run (Boney Mountain)

As I mentioned in my 2014 Resolutions post, for me this is the year of trail running. What better way to kick that off than with the XTERRA Boney Mountain Trail Run 6k on January 12?

XTERRA Trail Run - Boney Mountain

XTERRA specializes in trail runs around the country. Click HERE for more information about how points work.

The 2014 XTERRA Trail Run Series features runs across the country ranging from 5 kilometers to 50 kilometers.

Each region has anywhere from three to seven races that runners can compete in and accumulate points towards their regional championship totals. Age-group results will be tabulated after each race, and the cumulative results at the end of the season will determine the final regional points.

Regional Champions are awarded free entry into the XTERRA Trail Run National Championship – an off-road half-marathon to be held in Snowbasin, Ogden, Utah, in September.

There are also several independent XTERRA Trail Run races in the U.S. for runners who are in a region that does not have a full series.

Lauren and I did a 6k at Malibu Creek (our first official trail race) and it was on that day that I decided trail running was more my style. I think I like it because I was raised to love and respect nature, and having lived in LA for almost 10 years I’m itching for small glimpses of untouched environment. 

While many people compete in XTERRA trail runs with a goal of getting to the championships, they are open to everyone as long as you make time requirements.

Reasons We Like XTERRA Trail Runs:

  • They’re relatively inexpensive ($30-40)
  • Small(er), so getting to the race is easy
  • Most races offer a long and short distance
  • We loved the Malibu race shirt (If you do a lot of epic runs this is important. You wouldn’t believe the number of race shirts we have that we NEVER wear because they’re unflattering, too short, too long, unisex, etc.)
  • You get coffee and breakfast post-race (my idea of heaven is a trail run followed by free coffee, and then extending the day by hiking a different trail. Then maybe fish tacos.)

The Boney Mountain Trail Run on January 12 offers a half marathon (13.1 miles) and a 6k (3.7 miles). Given that we’re still relishing our post-marathon rest, I opted for the 6k rather than the half marathon. Some of our crew may be participating in the half, so if they decide to do it we’ll be out there supporting!

What do you think? Would you sign up for an XTERRA trail run?

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