Do Epic Runs Zombie Race Roundup #2

Hopefully you’ve read Part One of our weekly Zombie Race Roundup during the Do Epic Runs inaugural Zombie Month! There are so many events out there, if you know of more that we’re missing, please contact us!

The Zombie Dash – Grand Rapids, MI

Zombie Race - The Zombie DashRun a five kilometer course within the quarantine area. Conquer the infamous Apocalypse Avenue and Kill Hill. Dodge zombies looking for “fast food.” Race against darkness and survive the Zombie apocalypse.

You’ll be given two “life strips” – flag football flags – to tuck in your shorts or pants, if you want them. For each one you keep safe until you exit the quarantine area, you’ll have one minute subtracted from your time. No worries if you lose both; you are not disqualified. Just keep running and enjoy the experience of running the most unique night race ever held.


Zombie Survival Dash – St. Louis, MO

Zombie Race - Zombie Survival DashNow for the fun part – The zombies… As you make your way through the woods, you never know at what point you’ll be attacked – Heck, you don’t even know WHAT might attack! Is that corpse laying on the ground over there really a corpse? Or might it sit up and stumble after you at any moment? You might run into a small out-break, or find yourself surrounded by a dozen attacking dead as soon as you turn the corner…

The point here is that you’ll need more than just your speed to survive. Just like in the movies, you’ll need your brains if you wish to make it to the finish line as a zombie mud runsurvivor… Want to boost the fun even more? Invite your friends and race as a team! Reach the finish line (As a survivor we hope!) and kick things into party mode with your all day access to the after-party!


The 5k Zombie Run – Tampa, FL

Zombie Race - The 5k Zombie RunThink You Can Outrun a Flesh Hungry Zombie? The 5k Zombie Run gives you the chance to run for your lives from flesh hungry Zombies through a 3.1 mile Trail/Forest Run. This is your chance to prove to your friends​ that​ you’ll be the one to make it or die trying. Runners will embark on an apocalyptic adventure. Face your fears as you run from the undead through woods, swamps and hell on earth. The zombies are ready and ravenous for those that fail.

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