Workout of the Week: Zombie Training

zombie training
zombie training
I mean….REALLY.

Deanna and I are in full zombie mode. The Walking Dead only has three episodes left and we’re already itching for more. I personally am strongly considering replacing the Jack Sparrow cardboard cutout in my office with a Daryl Dixon cutout. I’m thinking that would be the best forty bucks I’ve spent in a WHILE.

Given that the season finale is coming up and that means we’ll have to survive another couple of months without the show, we thought we’d give you a page out of our Zombie Training Guide to jump-start your summer training and give you a sneak peek of this awesome manual.

The Do Epic Runs Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide is (in our humble opinion), a complete yet concise manual that covers everything you’ll need to know when the inevitable zombie apocalypse descends upon us. It covers weaponry, what kind of training you will need and why, skills you’ll need to learn, and even a checklist for supplies you will want to have at the ready (your Z-Bag).

The Training portion of the guide consists of five phases that are all designed to prepare you specifically for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Phase One: Basic Training

Phase Two: Intermediate Training

Phase Three: Advanced Training

Phase Four: Self-Defense, Agility & Combat

Phase Five: Put it to the Test

zombie training

Want to purchase the full Do Epic Runs Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide?



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