The Walking Dead Workout


THE DAY WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR IS HERE!! In just a few short hours, Season 4 of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC. In case you hadn’t noticed, we here at Do Epic Runs are ob-freaking-sessed with zombies, and there is no better depiction of the zombie apocalypse than TWD. We can’t wait to see what is going on with Rick, Daryl, Hershel, Glenn and Maggie, Carl-the-sociopath and the rest of the gang for season 4. Since we will be devoting every Sunday night for the foreseeable future to obsessively watching TWD (and clearly there will be snacks involved), we thought it would be wise to develop some sort of physical activity around the show. So, we give you The Walking Dead Workout.


Rick Eye-Fucks the Camera – 10 pushups




I don’t know if it’s a trick he learned in acting school, but Rick makes bedroom eyes at the camera at LEAST 5 times per episode. It’s sexy and creepy all at the same time.


Hershel Reminds You of Santa Claus – 25 mountain climbers




Seriously, I can’t be the only one who sees this!


Carl Does Something Morally Questionable – 20 lunges




Chalk it up to growing up in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, but Carl is turning into more and more of a sociopath every episode. Seriously, this kid is just ruthless.


Beth Does or Says ANYTHING – 10 Burpees




How is this character still alive??!!??!!


Glenn and Maggie Hook Up – 15 Tricep Dips



The walkers are like an aphrodisiac for these two.


You Feel Sexual Tension Between Daryl and Carol – 30 Seconds High Knees



These two would be wrong, but yet so so right.

Michonne Kills a Walker with Something OTHER than her Katana – 10 squat jumps



While the katana will always be her deadly weapon of choice, she has been branching out a bit (remember when  she decapitated that walker with the wire?! SAVAGE.)

Commercial Cliff Hanger – 1 minute plank



TWD is known for cutting to commercial break right when some sh*t is about to go down, leaving you with serious anxiety for the commercial break. At least this will give you planks to distract you.

Daryl Dixon Does Something Badass – 1 jumping jack



This will happen about a million times per episode, so those jumping jacks will add up. Daryl Dixon is a BAMF.

There you go folks! We know we will be sweating AND watching tonight – how about you? Will you be tuning in for the Season 4 premiere?

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