5 Tips to Keep Moving When You’re Moving

For the 9th time since I’ve lived in Los Angeles, I’m moving. It seems like every single year I’m in a new apartment in a new neighborhood, due to a couple of factors:

  • Building problems (I mean…it’s LA. You live here long enough and you’re bound to live in at least one apartment with roaches)
  • Roommates moving in or out
  • Pay increase – more income = bigger place, better location

photoThis is an exciting move for me. My boyfriend of 5 years and I are getting our first place together! We’ve lived together for a while, but it’s always either been with roommates or because he was staying in my apartment. We are finally doing the whole process together, from searching to deciding to signing a lease.

While this move in particular is a fun one, moving is always stressful. Moving tips are plentiful, but not when it comes to fitness. I have a tendency to get a little lazy, not work out as much because my stuff is all over the place, *insert another excuse here.* My thought process usually goes something like this:

“I should work out tonight but we have so much to pack, I should be doing that and not putting it off.”

“My roommate packed her good pots and pans so I don’t really have anything to cook in, I’ll just order delivery. And who the hell orders salad for delivery? Of course I’m not going to get salad. A calzone it is.”

“I ran a marathon last year. I don’t feel like running.”

And on…and on…and on….

But you know what they say, the ninth time is the charm. (That’s not it?)

5 of the best tricks to keep moving while you’re moving!


1. Work out in the mornings. This is literally the best piece of advice I can offer (and doesn’t just apply to moving). It crushes your afternoon excuses of being tired, finding something else to do, and so on.

2. Turn your packing process into a workout. Do deep squats to pick things up, and if you’re lifting heavy furniture, make sure to engage all your muscles to get all the benefits

3. Do your best to keep your diet on track. Don’t order pizza every night, as easy as it sounds. (Seriously, 2 moves ago I lived off of Little Caesars and sugar-free Red Bull for like 4 days). Roast a bunch of sweet potatoes one night with coconut oil and spices to save in the fridge for the week and grab a rotisserie chicken and a bag of salad for quick, easy dinners. Keep lots of water on hand. If you eat better, you’ll feel better and have a better overall moving experience.

4. Buddy up. Let your friends know that you need them to hold you accountable, and plan your morning workouts. Even if it’s just a quick run or a workout DVD, stick to your plans. No one wants to be the one who always bails out!

5. Stay organized. The more chaotic the process, the more stressed you feel. The more stressed you feel, the less you’ll want to take time for yourself and go for a run. Keep a bag of clean workout clothes separate from your moving boxes and have it easily accessible so you have less excuses. Pack two boxes each night and the process will feel more manageable.


So there you have it – try these tips and hopefully your next moving experience will be a better one! Do you have any other tips? Share them with us below!

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