Turkey Trot 5k

3rd Annual Banc of California Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot 5k – Register Now!

Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot 5k

Banc of California Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot 5k Registration is OPEN!

Guys…we’re excited to announce that registration is OPEN for the 3rd annual Banc of California Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot 5k/10k! We’ve had so much fun helping put this event together the last couple of years and are thrilled that so many of you have joined us on Thanksgiving Day to get a running start to the holidays!…

the slime run 5k

Race Review: The Slime Run 5k

One of the most interesting things about being an epic runner is to be able to see races of all stages. A race in its infancy is a completely different experience than a mega-production (say, The Color Run or The Electric Run).…


Zombies, Run! App Review

zombies run app review
4/4 Mobs Evaded…JUST sayin’.

Let me start by saying I’ve had this app on my phone for over a year and I have used it maybe twice – mainly because I didn’t exactly understand how to use it, and the two times I did use it, the zombies “caught” me and I quickly got frustrated.…


FREE: Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide

Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide

Yes, you heard right.

In the spirit of October, the return of The Walking Dead and our terror at Universal Halloween Horror Nights last night, we’ve decided to release the Official Do Epic Runs Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide absolutely FREE ($14.99 value).…


Race Review: Mud Factor 5k

Mud Factor 5kIn my humble opinion, every adult should do a mud run at least once a year. There’s something carnal and primitive about getting completely filthy from head to toe and spending the next three days picking crusted mud out of your ear.…


The Zombie Run Black Ops

the zombie run black ops

Well, emptiness has descended upon us once again with the latest season of The Walking Dead having come and gone. What on EARTH are we going to do with ourselves for the next six months?? I can already feel my Daryl withdrawls setting in…

Besides keeping up with our Zombie Training, we’ll continue to scout the latest and greatest zombie races and share them with you, starting with The Zombie Run Black Ops.…


Race Review: 4 Mile Hill Challenge Trail Run

4 mile hill challenge
And people wonder why I love trail running

We’ve done every type of epic race on the block: Color Runs, glow runs, costume runs, marathons, half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, you name it. While the draw of a large national themed race is enticing, sometimes it’s nice to do a small local race.…


RunFree: The Greatest Adventure Race That Never Was.

Not ready to commit to a marathon or adventure race, but want all of the glory? Join RunFree 2014!

May 10, 2014

(Note: This is not something we would generally endorse, but our job is to inform you about the world of epic running)

RunFree 2014

Last year we faked a marathon with over 1,000 people from 24 countries.