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About Us - Erin, Lauren and Deanna at the Awesome 80s 10K

Life is short. Be epic.” It was this simple philosophy that turned 3 co-workers into friends, friends into running partners, and now, the masterminds behind DoEpicRuns.com.

Deanna, Erin and Lauren met while working at a marketing agency in Santa Monica, CA. The 3 of them realized that they were all pretty epic people and had a shared passion for life, fitness and (especially) running. The 3 started doing regular workouts and runs together, and eventually started to compete in races.

It was on a trip to the Florida Keys to participate in the Ragnar Relay that we got to talking about the impact that running had on us and how much it had changed our lives. Eventually, the conversation morphed from “Wow, I love running” to “Wow, we should start a running blog” to “WOW, LET’S DO THIS! BE EPIC! DO ALL THE THINGS!” And so the idea for DoEpicRuns.com was born.

[side note: You will hear Deanna, Lauren and Erin say “DO ALL THE THINGS” on the regular. It is our life motto and encompasses the ridiculous amount of epic things that we do on a daily basis. Seriously, we never sleep. We are too busy being awesome. When we decide to sign up for yet another race or take on yet another training program, we rally cry “DO ALL THE THINGS” to get us through it.]

DoEpicRuns.com is a place for us to share our experience with all things running. We will share what we have learned, what we are still learning, race recaps, gear reviews, nutrition plans and much much more. We are so stoked you are along for the ride! Keep being epic.


Deanna, Erin and Lauren

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