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The Glow Life: Coconut Protein Breakfast Bar Recipe

Here at Do Epic Runs, we’ve been on a coconut kick lately. Plus, we’re always looking for nutrious, clean snacks packed with protein.  This recipe from Kristi and The Glow Life packs it all into one. Her Coconut Protein Breakfast Bars are super easy to make and perfect for post morning workouts to refuel!…


Race Review: 4 Mile Hill Challenge Trail Run

4 mile hill challenge
And people wonder why I love trail running

We’ve done every type of epic race on the block: Color Runs, glow runs, costume runs, marathons, half marathons, 5ks, 10ks, you name it. While the draw of a large national themed race is enticing, sometimes it’s nice to do a small local race.…


RunFree: The Greatest Adventure Race That Never Was.

Not ready to commit to a marathon or adventure race, but want all of the glory? Join RunFree 2014!

May 10, 2014

(Note: This is not something we would generally endorse, but our job is to inform you about the world of epic running)

RunFree 2014

Last year we faked a marathon with over 1,000 people from 24 countries.


Obsession of the Week: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil– if you’re like me, you’ve been hearing about it EVERYWHERE. It can be used in the kitchen, in the shower, as a sweetener, as a skin moisturizer. It can be used everywhere and for anything. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why it’s Do Epic Runs’ Obsession of the Week.…

zombie training

Workout of the Week: Zombie Training

zombie training
I mean….REALLY.

Deanna and I are in full zombie mode. The Walking Dead only has three episodes left and we’re already itching for more. I personally am strongly considering replacing the Jack Sparrow cardboard cutout in my office with a Daryl Dixon cutout.…


Red Bull Wings for Life World Run

wings for life world run

On May 4th, 2014, all over the world, people will be running for those who can’t. On this day the world will run as one.

The Wings for Life World Run is an entirely new type of event never before seen or undertaken in either running or any other sporting field.