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Top 10 Races We Wish We Could’ve Done In 2013

I know, I know, we did PLENTY of races last year – but there are always so many more that we wish we could’ve done! Bubbles, zombies, 80’s, beer – if there’s a theme, there’s a race for it. Between jobs, training, and having a social life, it’s just impossible to do every race we want to all the time… maybe 2014 will be the year to try out some new, fun runs.


Featured Epic Runner: Kira D.

BREAKING NEWS: The three of us haven’t been running our whole lives. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and while every runner takes that step at a different place, a different time, different weather conditions, and in a different shoe, we all end up crossing the same finish line.…


Featured Race: XTERRA Trail Run (Boney Mountain)

As I mentioned in my 2014 Resolutions post, for me this is the year of trail running. What better way to kick that off than with the XTERRA Boney Mountain Trail Run 6k on January 12?

XTERRA Trail Run - Boney Mountain

XTERRA specializes in trail runs around the country.