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Race Review: Las Vegas Zombie Run

Q: What’s better than a zombie run 5K on a gorgeous Sunday morning?

A: A zombie run 5K  on a gorgeous Sunday morning in VEGAS!

Zombie Run

We took full advantage of the Sunday morning Las Vegas Zombie Run and road tripped to Vegas early Saturday morning.…

ugly sweater run 5k

Happy Holidays! The Ugly Sweater Run 5k

Ah, the holidays are upon us, and that means spiced cider, holiday pastries and horrific Christmas sweaters. Bust out your favorite tacky pullover and sweat off some of that fruitcake during The Ugly Sweater Run 5k!

Ugly Sweater Run 5k

Join thousands of runners and walkers from around the nation at a local Ugly Sweater Run near you.


Lauren’s Very First Marathon

As I’m sure you know by now, whether through Erin or Deanna’s marathon posts or our very thorough photo documentation, we completed our very first marathon in Half Moon Bay. It was beautiful, difficult, took lots of preparation, and was so worth it.…

Turkey Trot 5k Medal

Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot 5k

Turkey Trot 5k

Turkey Trot 5k MedalWe’re excited to say that we’re going to have a photo booth at the Inaugural Pacific Palisades Turkey Trot 5k onThanksgiving! -We’d love it if you headed out to join us and our friends for a pre-turkey romp in the beautiful hills.


My First Marathon Experience: Deanna

Well, it’s official – I ran my first marathon. That’s a sentence I never anticipated being able to say. Me? A Marathon? Never. 5 years ago, it didn’t seem like something I could ever do. Frankly, it wasn’t even something that I wanted to do.…


Erin’s First Marathon Experience

Well, I ran a marathon. And I didn’t die.

First Marathon Experience

I don’t suppose there’s much that could have made my first marathon experience any better (besides having my boyfriend there – he was attending a film program in Maine). I suppose I could have trained more, I could have wrapped my feet, I could have eaten more on-course, I could have hydrated more, the list goes on and on.…


Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide – On Sale Now!


It’s here: The Do Epic Runs Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide!


 As a culmination of our first ever zombie month, we’re stoked to now offer this Do Epic Runs original Training Guide!

On sale now for just $14.99, the Zombie Apocalypse Training Guide will teach you everything you need to know to be fully prepared for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse.