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Electric Run Race Review -

Race Review: Electric Run

Loud music + bright flashing lights + glow in the dark stuff + nighttime + running = the Electric Run!

Erin, my friend Laura and I did the Electric Run 5k in Orange County at the The OC Fair and Event Center in November 2012.…


What Are Common Race Distances?

Common Race Distances

A lot of people are confused as to what distances all of these races and fun runs are. I’ve had people tell me, “Look at you, doing all these marathons!” It takes all of my energy not to correct them. I went into a GNC once and told the guy working there that I was training for a marathon and was looking for some supplements, and he asks, “How far is your marathon?” *FACEPALM*

So we thought we’d clear up all of the confusion and explain the most common race distances.…

Malibu XTERRA Trail Run

Race Review: Malibu XTERRA Trail Run 6k

It was a perfect day for a romp in the mountains. Good thing Lauren and I were running the Malibu Creek Challenge 6k as part of the XTERRA Trail Run series.

We left West LA at around 6am and took PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) up to Malibu Canyon Road and headed to Malibu Creek State Park.…


There’s a Real Quidditch World Cup


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’re among your people. Deanna and I are two of the most epic HP fans you’ll ever meet – 90% of the reason we decided to do Ragnar in Florida is so we could go to Harry Potter World:

Real Quidditch World Cup
Home at last.
Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge Review

Race Review: Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (ROC) 5k

Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge - Shirt

If there’s one race we knew we had to add to the Do Epic Runs roster, it was the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge (“ROC”) in Del Mar. Unfortunately due to injury (poor Deanna), I had to represent for DER and Race Mom took her place.…

Juice Crafters 3 Day Master Cleanse

What It’s Like To Do A Juice Cleanse

Juicing is so hot right now. Especially here in Los Angeles – you can’t walk more than 5 feet without seeing someone toting  a container full of green liquid, chock full of vegetables and fruits and all sorts of nutrient goodness.…


4 Reasons You Should Try Les Mills BODYCOMBAT

Les Mills BODYCOMBAT™ - Do Epic Runs
Lauren and Erin at BODYCOMBAT

I love martial arts. All kinds. There’s something about learning to punch, kick and elbow your way out of a situation and not feeling like, if confronted, you’d act like a trapped baby bird. It makes you feel strong, confident and most importantly – EPIC.…


Lunch: Easy Veggie Pasta Salad

To run regularly, you’ve got to have discipline – not only to make yourself get up and go, but to eat properly so you can keep up your energy. I enjoy cooking, but I am by not means a chef (just ask my boyfriend).…


3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Be Better At Running

Do you love that endorphin high you get from running? I sure do. There’s nothing better than that feeling after a long run (and then eating ASAP). If you’re like me, you’ll try pretty much anything to make every run feel great.…


My First Running Injury

Well, I guess it was inevitable with the amount of running and racing that we do here are, but I, Deanna, have suffered my first running injury.


I was SO excited to run the Safari Park Half Marathon in San Diego last weekend, and race morning I was feeling good.…